Great Wall Course

The scenery on the Jinshanling Great Wall is a sight that must be seen in person. However, to fully enjoy the experience you must be prepared for the challenging climbs and descents of the Great Wall’s massive stairs. Study the map and elevation gain/descent, then train so you are physically and mentally prepared to conquer the Great Wall!

All stations will have essential medical aid and provide a variety of options including but not limited to: beverages, mineral water, bananas, snacks, etc. It is recommended that all runners carry water with them in a hydration pack or runners bottle along with your own running fuel such as electrolytes, gels, bars, or special foods to help you best complete the race.

In addition to the stations, there will be course monitor volunteers at key locations such as intersections and dangerous locations to guide and direct runners the correct way. Please pay attention and follow course monitors.

There are a total of 4 bathroom locations throughout the course and one at the start/finish line.

If a participant is experiencing physical discomfort or weakness during the race, please stop at a station or course monitor location and ask for help.

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